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Is Tapentadol Rxtended-release an Abuse-proof Tablet (Updated)

Tapentadol abuse drug sold under the brand name Nucynta ER, Tapentadol tablet is used to treat opioid pain. Tapentadol is prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain, it belongs to an opiate drug group, also called a narcotic. The extended-release form of this drug is recommended when the other medications are not successful in treating the pain. The extended-release form of Tapentadol that is Nucynta ER is not an as-needed basis medication. Though Tapentadol is a prescribed-only drug, concerns related to Tapentadol abuse have risen among the health care experts as it is easy to buy Tapentadol ER tablets online.

Is Tapentadol abuse – proof med?

International reports have claimed that Tapentadol tablets have a low risk of abuse. But recent studies have shown the rapid increase in the use of Tapentadol tablets over the last decade. In 2019, the number of cases using Tapentadol doubled. In detailed research, it was found that a majority of cases practiced Tapentadol abuse, sharing of needles and 60% of cases were diagnosed with Hepatitis C.
It has been observed that Tapentadol is replacing other opioid medications and attracting new consumers. An increase in online consumers’ interest to buy Tapentadol online is seen.

Tapentadol Dosage and Safety

Follow strictly the dosage suggested by your doctor. Do not take a larger percentage of this drug.
Tapentadol tablets can be taken with or without a meal. Keep it out of reach from others, do not share your medication with other people. You are required to stop consumption of any other opioid medications before starting the Tapentadol course, as interactions with other drugs may become fatal to your health.

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Usual adult dose for Chronic Pain:

Doctors suggest Tapentadol ER dosage based on the individual’s current condition, the severity of pain and response to the treatment, prior experience of analgesic treatment, and risk factors regarding Tapentadol abuse, addiction, and misuse:

Extended-release tablets:

● Initial dose: TapenTadol oral 50mg tablets, twice a day. Individually adjust to a dose that can provide sufficient analgesia and lessen adverse reactions; dose increment must not exceed 50 mg, twice a day for every 3 days.

● Maintenance dose: Tapen100 mg to 250 mg to be given orally two times a day. Do not exceed a dose above 500mg a day.

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Side-effects of Tapentadol ER

Contact your doctor immediately if you notice long pauses between breaths, finding it hard to wake up, and blue-colored lips. TapenTadol can slow down your breathing or even stop it, which may result in death. Allergic reactions, sexual problems, noisy breathing, the feeling of passing out, infertility, missed periods are to be informed at an emergency call to your doctor.


Tapentadol is an option only if any other opioid pain reliever doesn’t work for you. The drug may result in addiction even if taken in low doses regularly. It would be best if you were highly cautious about using this medication. However, with a doctor’s monitoring, this treatment can be a success for some patients. So, feel free to order Tapentadol cash on delivery with the doctor’s approval.

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